BitConnect members Celebrated wallet Launch and Holiday Cheer

BitConnect members Celebrated wallet Launch and Holiday Cheer members celebrated the holidays with gift giveaways and joyous news. Greetings with with good tidings, happy members gathered and were greeted with gifts, but also news of the launch of the BitConnect coin web and desktop wallet. Once a user successfully makes an account through BitConnect they’ll be able to store their BitConnect coin, which are a form of digital currency that can be bought and sold online and used to make retail purchases. Now that the wallet is ready for the market this coming year, that means that BitConnect Coins will be the official currency of

The members lined up for pictures and were dressed to the nines while doing it. They also lined up with their gift bags, that were personalized with their names on a table with a sign reading, “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!”

Another group gathered in front of another sign designed with ornaments, the BitCoin logo, and a decorated tree off to the side. They kept the holiday cheer going with happy poses as they lined up to open presents, keeping the night of merriment alive and well.

So as one can imagine, the atmosphere was cheerful as members gathered for pictures and enjoyed their gifts. As if that was not amazing enough, all members were satisfied with BitConnect Family, and overjoyed with the news of the launch of BitConnect coin and digital wallet. However, this means that all bitcoins will become invalid and only BitConnect Coins will be available for use online. The wallet will hold all of your digital credentials. Since you can invest your BitConnect Coins for interest and sell them, once available on exchange platform after ICO end.